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What is MyKitBag?

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MyKitBag is a company, which aims to provide a full range of fitness services for everybody wanting to get fitter, faster or stronger.

Online Training
The online training is interactive with sessions being set for each individual in training who will report back on what they have achieved. These results will be used as the basis for the setting of the following training sessions. Whilst this may not be the same as having a trainer constantly present at your sessions, it provides the individual access to a wealth of fitness knowledge from a group of experienced athletes and coaches who are setting a schedule designed specifically for you.

Fitness Directory
The fitness directory service provides a listing of services available to everyone looking to get fitter. These come under a variety of headings and if you feel there is a service that others should know about please let us know by filling in the questionnaire supplied. Subscription is free for non-profit organisations, whilst businesses need to pay a small subscription for inclusion. However, if businesses wish to test our service, and discover the number of customers we can provide them, a free 3 month trial period is available.

Training Information
As well as the online coaching there is a large amount of free information aimed at helping you to train more effectively. This is provided in the form of words, pictures and videos with information on the following topics, amongst many others - fitness, strength, speed, stretching, weights, circuits, nutrition and race preparation.

Contributors There have been a large number of contributors to the site from a range of sporting and fitness backgrounds. All of the people who have helped with the site are very knowledgeable in their particular sport or discipline.

Find out more about the people behind MyKitBag.

The site is being continually updated and improved, please forgive us if we haven't quite finished everything that you are interested in yet.

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     North Camp
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Tel:   01252 513973


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