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This is a website specifically aimed at the market you supply - those interested in fitness. We provide a wide range of information, which is the reason that many of your potential customers visit us.

If you wish to be included in our directory, FREE for 3 months, please fill in as many of the details below as are relevant. Alternatively, we have an introductory offer, whereby you can claim a listing for 15 months for just £40.00 (usual price £80.00).

In order that we can contact you with any queries about your details, you must fill in your name and e-mail address. We find that the more successful entries are those with the most comprehensive information.

One part of this information is to help them find experts in various fields to fulfill their running needs. Currently, we are receiving an average of over 1,500 visitors and 3,500 page impressions every month and can therefore provide the link between you and your potential clients.

The businesses that are currently registered with us are having their pages viewed at an average rate of 600-700 visits a year, and so must be generating significant new business.

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We will post your information as soon as we receive it and e-mail you to inform you of your inclusion. If you are having 3 free months, it will commence at this point. Before the three months is up, we will contact you again, to ask if you wish to continue advertising with us once the free period is up, in which case you will need to pay us £30.00 per quarter or £80.00 per year. We do, however, stress that you are under absolutely no obligation to do so.
Alternatively, if you go for the introductory offer, whereby you can claim a listing for 15 months for just £40.00, we will list you immediately and will only remove you if we do not receive payment with a month.

The introductory offer and free inclusion are only available until 31st December 2006.

If you would like any further information about the directories please don't hesitate to contact us at It may be that you wish to include a picture with your listing - you can do this by sending it as an attachment to the above address, including the name of the business as the title so we can match them up.

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