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The products below are from the and CC Sports Online, who are two of the leading providers of running and fitness equipment in the country.

They provide a huge range of goods from trainers to treadmills to help with everything you need to get the best from your running.

To find out more about them either visit their sites (click their logos) or click here

CC Sports 125 x 125

If you see anything here you like just click to purchase it.
Exercise Bicycle

This is a top quality exercise bike. Useful for when you can't get out to cycle on the roads if it is dark, wet or you just don't have time.

Asics Gel Kayano

A top of the range shoe, now at a more affordable price of £80. Provides support and cushioning, they're ideal for all those running medium to high mileages.
Reebok Madrid

A solid all round trainer for women, priced at just £40. There is good padding from the Hexalite cushion and the carbon fibre sole provides good durability.
Nike Track Spikes

These were the shoes worn by Michael Johnson when he won gold at 200m and 400m in the Olympics - we can't say any more than that - and now at under half their original price (£35).
Squat Rack

These are not easy to come by and this one is made of 60mm square tubing. Very useful for runners to improve leg strength.

Weights Bench

This is a solid weights bench, useful for a whole range of exercises. A great price too, at just £99.
50kg Weights Set

To complete all the weights you'll ever need (until you get really strong!) here is a barbell and dumbell set. 50kg for just £85 (inc. free delivery)
Polar Monitor

A high quality heart rate monitor for just £70. Has all the functions you could need to track the rate at which you are working.
HH Running Pant

Helly Hansen running tights made from a breathable material. Supplying warmth and mobility on cold winter runs or for performing warm up or warm down exercises for just £25.
Rowing Machine

Great for all round fitness, this is a top quality rowing machine at a very reasonable price of just £229
Polar Monitor

The Polar M52 Heart is a stylish heart rate monitor with many advanced features for a reasonable price of under £100.

Just what you need to relax in after those hard training runs!!.
Swiss Ball

The latest, must have piece of fitness equipment. Very useful for improving core stability - £18.


This is a very very good treadmill. It is sturdy and allows you to run at up to 5mins/mile pace - as fast as you are ever likely to need! £1035
Exercise Mat

Very useful padded mat for warming up or doing exercises. Stops pain on hard floors and getting dirty when outdoors.
Skipping Rope

Skipping is a great exercise both for keeping you fit and for improving your speed. £13.

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