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Stage Circuits

How to Train
Normal Circuits

This is probably the most widely known variation of circuits. A number of different exercises (such as press ups or abdominal curls) are selected to form a set. The athlete works through each of the different exercises in order, doing each the required number of times until they have completed one set. This same set is then repeated a given number of times to complete the circuits session.

There is always a rest of a few minutes between each set and occasionally a smaller rest between each individual exercise. So, for example, a basic ‘Normal’ circuits session might be

 20 Press Ups, followed by
 30 Abdominal Curls, then
 10 Squat Jumps

these three making up a set. This set may then be repeated three times with a five minute rest between each one.

Timed Station Circuits

This circuit format is often best used if people want to train with others. It is a station to station timed circuit, which means that specific exercises are done for a specified amount of time before the individual moves on to the next station for a different exercise.

In essence it is similar to normal circuits in format. The difference being that it allows people to work together because the exercises are set in terms of the number of seconds an exercise is done for, not the number of repetitions. A session would be set to do an exercise for x secs and take x seconds recovery before moving on to the next exercise, so people can move along together but still work at their own rate.

A session may be set at 40 seconds on 5 seconds off to give more endurance than say, 20 seconds 10 seconds, which would be more anaerobic. Therefore these sessions can cover all types of energy systems.

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