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Over the years many, if not most, athletes will have performed some drills as part of their warm up both for training sessions and for races. This is particularly true for those who run shorter distances. However, many wonít be able to tell you why they are doing these drills, which should be of concern to anyone who wishes to analyse their training in order to get the most out of it.

Why perform drills?

There can be several reasons for performing drills and these are dependent on which drill is being performed. These include trying to achieve improvements in technique, mobility or even strength.

Generally, drills can be split into three types of which there are details on the next page.

The 3 Different Drill Types
Who should do drills?

Drills should be seen as an important part of any runnerís regime, particularly for those competing over shorter distances since the technique is slightly less intuitive. It should be stressed though that the performance of drills will be beneficial to most athletes.

Some of the drills described may not appear in the section that you may anticipate. This is because they may fall into all of the aforementionned categories.

Drill Examples

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