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Football Conditioning

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Football is becoming a faster and faster game every season. It is a sport characterised with constant movement. The average distance covered by a player is 10kms. With speeds varying from walking to jogging, to striding and sprinting, moving laterally, back pedalling, jumping and kicking.

Throughout this section we will not be addressing football specific skills as this should be covered by your own coach and training group. What we will be covering are the fitness, speed and strength requirements for football.

By improving the anaerobic actions (sprinting, moving laterally quickly and jumping) a player will give themselves the opportunity to improve in all aspects of the game.

Obviously skill and technique are paramount to improve a playerís level, but in order to improve a player must be able to get into position or have the ability to accelerate round opposition faster. Speed, agility and plyometric jumping all play a role in this.

My view is that most teams at amateur level spend a large amount of time and resources on skills and technique. What mustnít be overlooked is the conditioning of the players. How many times have we heard that in the last quarter of the game the players were been stretched and starting to fatigue allowing the other team back into the game?

Throughout this section we will give you the know how to improve your speed, agility and strength.

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