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There is not a lot of aerobic work involved in jumping, however, it does creep in in two ways. Firstly, a competition is likely to involve a large number of jumps - it is not uncommon in high jump or pole vault to have more than 10 attempts in a competition, and most long and triple jump events will involve six attempts if you are doing well.

The other element is that you need to be "fit to train" - that is in order to perform the other elements of a training regime for the jumps you need to have a degree of aerobic fitness.

The most important time of year for this work is early on, in the general preparation period. This can be achieved in a number of ways - either by circuits training, running or even a bit of cross training, eg cycling or swimming.

In the early part of the year some steady running (up to about 3 miles) and intervals (eg 8 x 300m) will help give you the core fitness that will enable you to do the power training later in the year.

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