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Building a good aerobic base is very important to all middle distance runners. This is most commonly done with steady runs. Also useful are slower interval reps and fartlek training, the latter of these being a mixed pace long run. Commonly, this would involve effort and recovery periods of a set length of time - for example 2 minutes easy running and then 2 minutes of effort.

It can also be useful, particularly for the avoidance of injury, to build your aerobic base with some cross-training, doing other sports such as swimming, cycling or team games. Mainly this should be used early in the training period as specific running will be more useful as it comes up to competition time.

The other part of speed work for middle distance runners is the ability to cope with lactic acid, which develops at the point at which you can no longer get enough oxygen to you muscles to run aerobically.

There is no easy way to improve this - just hard work.

Sessions, such as 10 x 200m with about 1-2 minutes between each run will work well for this - try to run each of these at about your 800m pace (this will be pretty tough work by the latter runs.

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