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Pyramid Running Sessions

How to Train
These are commonly used by coaches, as a useful tool, since they allow a range of distances to be run in a single session. Here we use the term to cover any session where there is a step up or down in distance between runs, for example -

400, 800, 1200, 1600, 1200, 800, 400

600, 500, 400, 300, 200, 100

300, 250, 200, 300,250,200

1 mile, 2 miles, 3 miles, 4 miles

As you can see the ways in which these sessions can be run are extensive. Two of the major benefits of running a variety of distances in a session are psychological:

Firstly, if an athlete feels they have got into a rut with say 300s, then they may get confidence back by achieving at another distance. This would particularly be the case where a distance is set which hasn’t been run for a while and the athlete can see an improvement in time.

Secondly, if the session ends on a fairly short run, then even if the athlete is very tired, the feeling of having already got the worst out of the way can often help them finish the last part of the session strongly. Also, even if the first runs were very hard, if the runs get shorter, it is often possible to maintain the same pace. If the runs get longer as the session goes on this can be useful for instilling a sense of toughness, the attitude that if I can do this then racing will be easy.

Experience has shown that it can be useful to combine this with a split interval session, e.g.

400m, 1 minutes rest, 400m, 10 mins, 300m, 1 min, 300m, 10 mins, 200, …..etc.

Running Sessions
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