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Rugby Overview

Rugby has changed dramatically over the last 5 years; players’ roles are merging and the divide between backs and forwards becoming less apparent.

The game is more physical and faster now at all levels and to be able to compete at your best, you must appreciate that you need a high level in all the aspects of Rugby, as broken down by “My Kit Bag”. You need to work on your fitness, speed, strength and agility.

The view that the pre season player should cover 5-6 mile runs to build up their aerobic base has now proven unhelpful.

Firstly we must understand the energy requirements of the game and build a training programme around that.

(See Fitness training)

We will not be dealing with the conditioning element required for the game as this will be covered with pad and contact training with your club. Here we are going to concentrate purely on the fitness preparation that goes on off the pitch.
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Rugby Overview
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