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Rugby Speed and Agility

To maximise your speed, you will require good sprinting technique (see running technique) and a good strength background.

Your rugby skills may stay at a constant level, but if your speed improves, you and your team mates will visually see a difference in the level of your game.

I have listed below 2 pure rugby speed sessions; other sessions are integrated into fitness training components.

Complete the agility first and then the speed sessions before any other work, this will ensure you are fresh and able to maintain form throughout.

Remember before trotting out there and giving it your all, it is vital that you have carried out the fitness training and strength training to give you the base required.

This will help prevent injuries and allow you to improve to your full potential.


You may be the fastest on the pitch but if you cannot decelerate or have the ability to change direction quickly you will never reach your full potential. You will leave yourself exposed and out of the game.

Rugby Agility session 1

These sessions are not about working to fatigue but working on great technique and fast foot action. We have taken into account that you do not have agility ladders, hurdles or tackle bags.

Place two bags/sweatshirts/balls anything. Start at the start point and follow the direction of the arrows until you sprint past the start line twice (after being round the first object twice. Repeat 3 times (4-5 min recovery in between) Work on fast feet and fast turns.

Rugby Speed and Agility 1
Rugby Speed and Agility 2

Rugby Agility session 2

Measure out a 10 metre line and place a marker at each end. Standing at one of the markers, run laterally (sideways) fast to the other marker and back again repeat 2 times (2 sets with 2-3 min recovery in between.


Rugby Speed Session 1

Mark out 10, 20 and 30m on the pitch or the track.

1 x 10-20-30-30-20-10m starting in the proper start position.

Recovery 2-3 mins minimum. Working on quality, powerful driving position, and good arm drive.

This session can also be completed with a ball as well.

Rugby Speed Session
Rugby Speed Session 2
Rugby Speed Session 2

Mark out a 45m pitch, with markers at 15m and 30m and 45m.

Start from a crouch position and drive hard for the first 15m, then maintain the speed for the next 15m but relax, then at the 30m line hit it hard again until you reach 45m.

Remember good technique throughout.

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