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Butterfly Drills

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Butterfly Intro

Butterfly Swimming Drills

1. Push off the wall in the shallow end, just under the surface of the water, with your hands by your sides.

When you start to feel yourself losing momentum put your chin on your chest and use your stomach muscles to plunge right down to the bottom (or about 1.5 m if thereís no shallow end). You need to go this deep to help create time to do the things added in later steps.

When youíre at the bottom, put your head right back, arch your back and slowly drift back up to the surface. Take a breath and plunge back down again and continue until youíve done a length.

2. Repeat 1, but instead of drifting back up to the surface each time, do one butterfly kick to propel yourself back up more quickly. If it doesnít quite take you there donít worry just drift the rest of the way.

Take a breath at the surface, put your chin on your chest, plunge back down again and repeat.

3. Instead of plunging down do the bottom, plunge just enough to get your body under water. Then do a fly kick to take you down to the bottom faster, pause and, as in 2, do another fly kick to bring you back up again

4. Repeat 3 but this time have your hands stretched out in front of you all the time, instead of keeping them by your sides.

5. Now to add in an arm pull. Plunge, do your down kick. Pause, do your up kick and as you finish the up kick pull both your hands back to give you that final push up to the surface.

Bring your arms back to the front while you are out of the water and plunge back down again.

6. You are now swimming butterfly but in a very drawn out manner. All you have to do next is stop wasting energy going up and down and use it to go forwards.

Do this by repeating 5 but gradually reducing the depth you go down to until you are swimming along at the surface.

This will obviously take you more than just a couple of lengths to master!

Butterfly Drill Notes

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