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Front Crawl Momentum

Front Crawl
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To practice this, and the long rocking front crawl stroke, we find the following drills in which you imagine that your shoulder is stuck to the back of your head, really helps. (Use a set of fins to help make it easier if your want).

1. Start kicking on your right hand side with your right arm stretched ahead of you and your right hip pointing to the bottom of the pool. Your left arm should be down by your side.

You should be able to find a position in which the back of your head is touching your right shoulder but your mouth is clear of the water for you to breath.

By sticking your head to your shoulder you automatically push down with the right hand side of your chest and your right arm pit which stops your legs sinking.

Practice doing lengths of this on each side and when you feel comfortable with it you can move on to swapping from one side to the other by stroking:

2. Start in the position described above and take a breath. Then turn your head into the water and take a long efficient pull with your right arm.

As you do so, roll right over on to your left hand side (donít stop in the horizontal face down position) and find the familiar position on your left hand side with your left hand reaching out and the back of your head glued to your left shoulder. Balance yourself, take a breath and rock back again*.

Not only should your long pull feel effective, but you should feel yourself glide through the water because of your streamlined body position as you rock backwards and forwards.

It is often useful to print out our Front Crawl Swimming Drills Print Out as a reminder in note format of what to think about during your drills.

A word of warning though. Donít over do this and other drills. As with all sports, there is no substitute for doing the real thing. If you drill too much you will find your full stroke turns into a drill Ė it's not as rare as you'd think!

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