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Skiing Gear

It is important when skiing that you ensure you are properly kitted out. You don't need to have the most expensive or flashiest clothing or equipment, but you need to make sure the gear you have is going to be as comfortable and safe as possible, in what is, afterall, a freezing and dangerous environment.

Making sure you are the right temperature is vital. Try to wear a number of thin layers beneath a jacket and trousers, which should both be waterproof. Decent quality gloves are another must, as it is your fingers which will feel the cold first if you are inadequately attired whilst skiing.

Always take a hat and maybe a scarf in case the weather changes, which it can do very rapidly on the mountain. Knowing what the forecast for the day is, before you go out is always helpful.

As far as the other equipment that you need when skiing, it is advisable to hire skis and boots the first time you go, until you know you have "the bug" (and most people do catch it!!).

After that ski boots should be the first thing you think about buying, as these are important for comfort - there is nothing worse than a poor pair of boots to ruin an otherwise great days skiing.

Discover the type of skiing you enjoy before buying skis, they come in a huge and often confusing array of types and getting advice before purchasing is useful.

A helmet is now a commonly used piece of equipment - particularly in North America.

If you are likely to stay on piste this will be most of what you require - if you go off piste then we'd suggest buying a backpack and filling it with a first aid kit, and avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe (you can put your sandwiches in it as well!)

Skiing Gear - Avalanche Kit
Below is some gear that we believe will help you fulfill the criteria stated above and make your skiing the fantastic experience it should be.

Remember buy the necessary kit, don't let people say you have "All the Gear, but No Idea!".

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