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Skiing Mobility

In most cases, the actions involved in skiing do not tax the body’s limitations of movement. However, this is not true in a fall, where the ski acts as a lever, placing considerable stress on the ligaments, tendons & muscles.

While not all injuries can be prevented, having good flexibility considerably reduces the risks.

In addition, increased flexibility can improve the ease and efficiency of movements, meaning that performing the actions is less tiring.

Increased flexibility will also allow you to use a greater range of movement in your skiing which will make you far more versatile.

In order to maintain a good level of flexibility, stretching should form part of your daily routine, both in the months before heading out to the slopes and at the end of each days skiing.

Static stretching should be done after skiing where it will help to prevent your muscles being stiff the next day.

Yoga is an excellent training activity for skiers, as it not only improves your flexibility, but also your strength and balance.

Skiing Flexibility and Mobility

Lastly, a word about warm ups. More experienced skiers may prefer to warm up by skiing very slowly and precisely on easy terrain doing drills like shuffling the feet backwards and forwards, stepping inside the curve or jumping the skis off the snow. Gradually, the speed can be built up as the body becomes warmer.

For beginners though, we’ve listed a few ideas below that should get you ready for action in no time:

A snowball fight (skis off).

Slowly shuffling the feet back and forwards while on flat terrain, gradually becoming faster (skis on).

Walking on the spot with high knee lift (use poles for balance if necessary)

Hopping both skis off the snow (landing softly, allowing the knees to bend).

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