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Sprint Training

Sprinting is all about two things. Running as fast as you can and maintaining it over the entire distance of the race. It may surprise you, but even in a 100m race it is not possible to run 100% flat out the whole way, you would tire and slow towards the end. This is even more of a factor in a 200m race.

So, we are looking to train for pure speed and also for speed endurance (which is the maintainence of speed up to the point at which high levels of lactate start causing problems).

Put in it's simpliest form, running fast is a combination of how many strides you can do (cadence) and how long each stride is. Both of these can be improved, but generally more can be done to improve an athletes stride length, cadence is more down to genetics.

During the forthcoming pages we develop running drills, power exercises mobility and speed endurance to help you achieve your best possible results.

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