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Other Static Stretches

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If you look at the Dynamic Stretches section it provides you with stretches that can form the basis of any warm up, with attention having been paid to stretching all the relevant areas of the body. Below are some more static stretches that you might like to incorporate into your warm down, along with those in the other static stretches sections, if you feel you'd like to concentrate on making sure a particular part of the body is well loosened off before exercise.
Remember: Never force a stretch. Go to the point of tension and hold for the requisite amount of time. For Safety ensure knee and feet alignment and avoid "locking" elbows or knees straight.

We have animated some of the stretches - they take up to 10 seconds to go between positions to emphasise the need to hold a stretch.

Sides of Neck

Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Keeping your body upright tilt your head to the side whilst keeping the rest of your body stationary, stretching the side of your neck. Hold before returning to the upright position and repeating on the other side.

Neck Stretch
Stretching Shoulders

Shoulder Rotations

Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Keeping your body upright roll your shoulders in an anti-clockwise direction, trying to create as large a circle as possible. Repeat this five times before changing direction and performing clockwise rotations.

Pectoral Muscles

Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Keeping your body upright put the palm of your hand against a wall or other structure, so that it is behind you. Gently push you shoulder forwards to create the stretch. Repeat this with your other arm.

Pectorial Stretch
Stretching your Back


With you hands by your side, palms down, lie on your back and lift your feet above your head. Try to get your feet to touch the ground behind your head, thus stretching your lower and upper back.


Lie on your back and lift your leg up towards your chest, holding your calf as demonstrated, until you feel the stretch in your hamstring. It is important that the leg is straight, but that you don't lock you knee.

This stretch forms a similar purpose to the hamstring stretch detailed with the warm up stretches. Some say that it is more effective as there is the ability to put as much stretch into the muscle as you like and also none of the other muscles in the area are tensed due the weight bearing during the exercise.

Hamstring Stretch

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