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Swimming Conditioning

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Gone are the days when all swimmers did was plough up and down the swimming pool doing several km in a single session.

You will certainly get fit if you do this and you can also do a lot of swimming drills and improve your technique this way too. (As long as you keep concentrating and donít get sloppy when you get bored).

Swimming - breaststroke
However, whatever your goal in the pool is, youíll soon plateau if you do not take on board the modern principles of speed and power training, cross training, the need for mobility and swim specific weights exercises.

The basics of all these concepts are discussed in this area of the website and we hope you find them useful.

Fiona Holt has written most of the information on this site about swimming, so if you like what you read here, you'll really enjoy her book.

Speed Demon is the must-have book for all competitive sprint freestyle swimmers. It doesn't just tell you how it tells you why. And it tells you in plain and simple English with analogies as explanations rather than complicated mathematical proofs. The book's main goal is to highlight the importance of technical analysis but while technique is important it is not viewed in isolation. Speed Demon is a complete strategy for sprinting success and is full of tips on how to achieve it (including some gleaned from Olympic swimmers). Nobody likes battling with concepts they do not fully understand. With its plain English style this is an easy-read which will be of interest to young adults and masters alike.

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