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As is immediately obviously by looking at them, throwers are built for strength and power. Top throwers have a huge amount of muscle development and can also move very fast over short distances (some throwers are as quick over 60m as many 400m and 800m athletes).

As with other sections in the "How do I train for my sport" we will not deal with the technique of the events, just preparing your body to be in optimum shape to perform.

The key elements of conditioning for a thrower are power, power and power. That is not to say that you don't need to do any other work, but essentially it is all about getting as explosively strong as possible. Early in the training period throwers will work on a bit of fitness to get themselves as fit as you can for the training you are going to undertake.

In addition some mobility work is need as there is a great deal of force and strain on the throwing muscles.

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