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Weight Loss and Training

Weight loss is often one of the main reasons for starting to exercise. By changing your eating and exercise habits you can alter your weight significantly over a relatively short period of time.

Goal Setting

The important thing to remember is to be realistic. If your goal is weight loss to lose more than 2lbs a week will mean losing water or potentially muscle mass, and not just fat. So set realistic targets:-

How many sessions can I do per week? (now AND in the future)

How long can I train for?

What type of training do I enjoy doing?

Am I prepared to change my eating patterns?

With all these answered you will be able to set targets that will be both achievable and enjoyable.

Cross Training - why and how

Why Cross Training?

There are a number of reasons to introduce Cross Training into your routine.

1. To stop boredom creeping in - keeping things fresh.

2. The reduction of injuries - by changing the exercises that we do, it reduces the risk of over-use injuries and allos a greater overall balance in muscular development and aerobic conditioning.

How to Cross Train

This is simple. Just introduce new exercises and workouts into your regime on a ongoing basis - maybe once every week or two weeks.

Whether it be a mountain bike ride or a circuit class instead of a gym session, it doesn't matter. My try some hill walking instead of your normal route. You could try playing a game of with a friend or training with them, or maybe try a team sport.

What you do doesn't really matter - it is keeping things varied that will keep your interest going, reduce injuries and help you achieve your goals in the long and not just the short-term.

Weight Loss through Cross Training
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