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Upper Body Stretches

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Here are a range of upper body stretches you can do to improve your mobility either as a stand alone session or post exercise. It is not completely exhaustive, but is our recommended starting point from which you can develop a stretching regime that suits you.
Again, remember - never force a stretch. Go to the point of tension and hold for the required period of time. For safety, ensure knee and feet alignment and avoid "locking" elbows or knees straight.
We have animated some of the stretches - they take up to 10 seconds to go between positions to emphasis the need to hold a your position when stretching.

Upper Back

Stand with feet hip width apart, knees slightly bent. Reach forward with both arms and link hands at chest height. Push arms forwards, as though “hugging a tree”, thus stretching the upper back.
  Upper Back / Trapezius Stretch  
Stretching the Tricep                          

Upper Arm (Triceps)
Stand with feet hip width apart, knees slightly bent. Place one hand flat between shoulder blades, keeping the upper arm close to ear. Using the other arm apply gentle pressure onto the elbow to push hand down back thus assisting with the stretch.


Sides (Obliques)

Stand with feet apart knees slightly bent. Place left hand on left hip. Reach up then over with right arm. Avoiding leaning forwards or backwards, lean over to the side keeping arms straight thus stretching the obliques. Repeat other side.
Stretching the Obliques  
Stretching Gluteus Muscles

Lower Back and Backside (Gluts)

Lie on floor. Keeping back flat, bring both knees to chest. With arms linked behind knees apply light pressure, bringing knees closer to chest.

Backside (Gluts)

Lay flat on floor. Raise right leg so the knee joint is bent at 90°. Keeping shoulders/back as flat as possible to the floor, gently drop knee towards floor on the left moving over the other leg. Repeat for the other leg.
Stretching Gluteus Muscles

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